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Spring 2013 Editor’s Statement

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Arid environments exist in a delicate balance. Limited water and simplified ecosystems that respond quickly and disastrously to small changes puts these sensitive environments at the extreme edge of sustainability.  In arid environments, as on our freeways, one wrong turn can drive one weeks, months or years away from a desired destination, especially when these wrong turns occur in the realm of policy and planning.  This second issue, that we have informally called the ‘anti-utopia’ issue, is a collection of …

Fall 2012 Editor’s Statement

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Welcome to the first edition of ARID: A Journal of Desert Art, Design and Ecology! ARID is the result of a new partnership between University of New Mexico’s Art & Ecology Program, Desert Initiative at Arizona State University, Arid Lands Institute at Woodbury University and others who have recognized the need for a creative and scholarly venue for contemporary works addressing desert culture, environment and landscape. Developments in desert art and ecology are not confined to formal art and scholarship, …

Fall 2014 Editor’s Statement

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Welcome to the Fall 2014 issue of ARID! This fourth installment of ARID features a wide variety of writings and artworks from photography and video to dance/performance and sound and radio art. Art/science collaboration features prominently in all sections, especially with regard to sustainability. In fact, during the planning and production of this issue, the ARID editorial team became very engaged with the idea of sustainability at both a macro and micro scale. Here we have chosen works that address …