Danny Lyon’s Burn Zone

Burn Zone by Danny LyonARID Journal is pleased to announce Danny Lyon’s Burn Zone. Published just before the upheaval of the 2016 presidential election, Burn Zone is Lyon’s highly personal and reflective treatise ruminating on human-induced climate change within New Mexico’s Rio Grand Valle. Burn Zone is illustrated with new photographs and includes a list of fifty climate criminals, prepared by the climate activist and Conceivable Future co-founder Josephine Ferorelli.

Bleak Beauty offers the entire contents of Burn Zone free to anyone who wishes to read it, download it, or print it. “We want to have the widest possible distribution of this work, and hope you will put it out there, to every person and every website and organization possible.”

Burn Zone is available as a free PDF download from Lyon’s Bleak Beauty blog. A finely printed version of the book may be purchased for $25 from this link.

“Lyon chronicles with exacting detail the devastating cycle of drought, fire, erosion and other direct and indirect consequences for humans and non-humans alike resulting from a steadily warming planet. Lyon’s discursive personal observations—from the position of both renowned photojournalist and restless activist—capture subtle changes within the landscape that are only possible by those truly connected to their “place.” His memoir serves as a poignant reminder that climate change is indeed upon us and the clock is ticking.”

– Kim Stringfellow, co-editor of ARID Journal

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