Fly High, a hypnosis | Arnar Asgeirsson

This is a hypnosis, especially written for desert environment. It is a journey into the desert, the desert inside your own head, to see the mirages of your mind.

Imagine traveling inside your mind, you might then think about a train or Mark Twain and recall that he said, “I have traveled more than anyone else, and I have noticed that even the angels speak English with an accent,” and it is true.

Now allow yourself to close your eyes, maybe you are already there. Nothing can keep you from a peace of mind. Allow yourself to liberate your mind completely, because it is untied to the circumstances of your surroundings and of your body.

Arnar Ásgeirsson

Video by:
Arnar Ásgeirsson

Hypnosis script by:
Magna F. Birnir, Nurse MSc, Clinical Hypnotist, and Jóhanna Helga Þorkelsdóttir

Read by:
Magna F. Birnir

Commissioned by:
Arnar Ásgeirsson

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