ARID 2014

This fourth installment of ARID features a wide variety of writings and artworks from photography and video to dance/performance and sound and radio art. Art/science collaboration features prominently in all sections, especially with regard to sustainability.

© Neil Shigley 2013. All Rights Reserved.Fall 2013 | Issue 2

ARID’s special third issue focuses on the centenary of the Los Angeles Aqueduct—a controversial 233 mile-long hydraulic water conveyance system that has historically been the primary source of potable water for the city of Los Angeles since the aqueduct was first put into service in 1913. This issue is inspired and supported by the Metabolic Studio, led by Los Angeles artist Lauren Bon. In November 2012, the Metabolic Studio launched a process designed to nurture public debate about our relationship to water, land, energy, and neighbors.

Walter Cotten, Organ Pipe Cactus National Park, AZ, 2007. © Peter de LorySpring 2013 | Issue 1

Arid environments exist in a delicate balance. Limited water and simplified ecosystems that respond quickly and disastrously to small changes puts these sensitive environments at the extreme edge of sustainability.  In arid environments, as on our freeways, one wrong turn can drive one weeks, months or years away from a desired destination, especially when these wrong turns occur in the realm of policy and planning.  This second issue, that we have informally called the ‘anti-utopia’ issue, is a collection of articles and works addressing some of our system’s breakdowns.

ARID Fall 2012 | Volume 1 | Issue 1Fall 2012 | Issue 1

ARID’s inaugural issue begins to define the scope of the journal, offering a variety of important works and research that range from contemporary explorations to historical reflection. Editorial selections are organized into four sections; Pedagogies, showcasing hypotheses, experiments and results; Practices, projects and ideas referencing art, design and media; Policies, investigating frameworks, rules, regulations and other structures; and Perspectives, sharing dialogues, fictions and freeform ideas.