TAAK Summer School Marfa Marfa: Second Edition

Photo: Andrea Polli 2014

Photo: Andrea Polli 2014

TAAK Summer School Marfa 2014 finds 20 young artists (17 nationalities) and their instructors in Marfa for a three-week field trip and fieldwork studio. These graduate students study at the Dutch Art Institute and the Sandberg Instituut, both in The Netherlands, and California College of Arts (CCA) in San Francisco. This year’s edition of the annual project is organized by Amsterdam-based cultural platform TAAK, in close collaboration with instructors from each institute: Shaun O’Dell and Lindsey White (CCA), Curdin Tones (SI) and Renee Ridgway (DAI).

Summer School Marfa aims to expand contemporary discourse, social practice and politics in art; to create a unique experience and opportunity for emerging artists to gain an understanding of the dynamics and social impact of art in public spaces. By examining the transformation of Marfa, students are engaging in a critical analysis of the value and use of public art utilizing fieldwork methods.

To learn more visit TAAK Summer School Marfa.

This program is supported as part of the Dutch Culture USA program by the Consulate General of the Netherlands in New York.

Selected projects from TAAK Summer School Marfa 2014 (click link to view):

Julieta Aguinaco: Rear View Mirror or What Happens When We Walk Backwards?

Arnar Asgeirsson: Fly High, a hypnosis

Sarah Demoen: Claim Letter

Anneke Ingwersen: Chasing Shadows of Schlemihl’s Zoo

Sarah Jones and Ben Burtenshaw: Elevating Marfa

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